Season Greetings for the Holidays. Our party is back this year at Eagles Landing on West University Avenue. BBQ will be catered with side dishes from members. Sunday, December 11 at 2pm. Thanks to Shirley Ann Beazlie and Ed Kellar for local arrangements. Gift exchange not to exceed $15.

Our regular monthly meeting is Sunday, September 11 at the home of Shirley Ann Beazlie. Our topic for discussion is about performing water quality tests for your pond.

Please text Joe at 386-767-0814 for more information. We need volunteer hosts for our January and February meetings. No meeting in March, see you at the Central Florida Koi Show!

We suspend meetings during the hot months of July and August. Our next meeting is the second Sunday in Sepgtember.  In the meantime call Joe if you need help with a pond question of pond emergency. Best to text at 386-214-1456.

Thanks to Barbara and Ron Abel for hosting a fabulous comeback meeting in June. Our topic for discussion was, “Causes and Cures for Green Water.” 

Welcome to new friends and old.  Several new members have joined are group.

 If you did not receive an email announcent please text to Joe White’s cell at 386-214-1456 or email to jwkoi@aol.com. We look forward to getting together again the last Sunday in June.

Dues Suspended until January 2022

Good news is that there is no dues for established club members. New members are asked to fill out the membership form and submit their initial dues to join. New members please bring a check payable to the Gainesville Koi and Pond Club. Family - $25; Single - $20. Please see Shirley Ann, our Treasurer or place your check and application in the mail to Shirley Ann Beazlie.

Summer Trip Tip

Plan ahead to have a “pond buddy” check your pond while you are away. Most well fed koi during the year do well without feeding for a week, but if you have someone feed your koi it helps to give that person directions as to your routine for feeding. To limit over feeding the pond, pre measure the amount to be fed and put each day’s pellets into a zip lock bag or small container. Store food bags in a cooler or other secured sealed container to discourage raccoons or other intruders. 

If the pond buddy is unfamiliar with your filter system, pumps, etc. invite them over for an orientation session. Mark control valves and electrical connections. Leave phone number where you can be reached and itinerary. It is not a bad idea to do a good cleaning of your filters, skimmers, and such before you leave. As a precaution do not do any major changes to your pond then leave before you know that modifications are working well. Enjoy your trip!

Last June 2020

Thanks to Shirley Ann Beazlie and family for hosting an outdoor meeting for June. Like to chat? Check in to one of our Facebook pages at Gainesville Koi Club, and/or Gainesville KoiClub. If you are a member and would like to be included at the Pondhoppers Members Only send Joe an email: jlwhite2131@gmail.com.

Hopefully the Covid 19 pandemic will be in our rear view mirror in time to start of our meetings again in the Spring.

The annual Central Florida Koi Show set for March 12-14, 2021 has been cancelled for 2021.  Updates will appear from time to time at cfks.org. Yes, the 2022 show is on, mark your calendar for the second weekend in March. Updates at www.cfks.org

No meetings in July and August. 

Normally we do not meet in hot summer months of July and August. If you would like to be placed on our email list for occassonal notices and meeting announcements send your email address to Joe White at: jwkoi@aol.com. If you have a pond problem or  would like a consultation regarding building a koi pond or water garden please contact us. Also we are still responding to calls for koi rescue, although right now are vats are full of koi that need to be rehomed.

February Meeting 2020

Our February meeting, Sunday the 9th, is hosted by Barbara and Ron Abel at their home off Millhopper Road. The address is 5514 NW 99th Terrace.

The Abels have a beautiful pond setting overlooking a small lake. Lots of wildlife reside in the vicinity as their property backs up to a reserve area. The topic for discussion is open, however, plans for the Central Florida Koi Show scheduled for March 13-15 will be discussed. At our last meeting we had a raffle of several donated pond related items. So, if you have something you would like to bring, do so and join the fun. This is not a gift exchange just a few things for the raffle.

We will have light refreshments brought by members as has been occurring at our other meetings. There will be a cooler with soda and water. We look forward to seeing everyone Sunday, February 9th from 2-4pm.

Visit our koi and goldfish show website at www.cfks.org.

January Meeting 2020

Thanks to Susan and Fred Chelf for hosting our January meeting.

The topic for discussion was Pros and Cons of Using Salt in the Pond followed by questions and answers related to cold water management of koi and goldfish.

Please call me if you have any pond related questions.
Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy 2020,
Ph. 386-214-1456 (please leave a message)

February - Barbara and Ron Abel

March - Central Florida Koi Show 13th - 15th. Read more

April - Shirley Ann Beazlie

December Holiday Party - December 8th 2PM at the White house.

Sherri and Joe White are hosting the annual Christmas party at their home and pond at 2445 SW 87th Way. Their place is at the east entrance to Haile Publix Market Square off 24th Avenue. It is the first yellow house on the left with white picket fence. There is parking in the neighborhood across the street. A main dish will be provided with potluck. Please bring a favorite dish, dessert or salad.

Congratulations to Susan Chelf for winning the drawing for a koi of her choice at Chevy’s last month. She posted a picture at our club facebook page.

For the November meeting we had an exceptional opportunity to visit Chevy’s Quality Koi Farm in Ocala, owned and operated by Brad Cumpton. Brad has done an excellent job of researching and building the necessary facilities for a successful koi farm. There was a lot to see from a standard 100,000+ koi pond at the front of the property to sales vats, breeding tanks, and mud ponds. 

HIs home is literally surounded by koi! Koi for sale are reasonably priced and range from some very nice pond grade koi up through Brad’s “Breeder’s Choice” selection including many show quality Kohaku, Kujaku, Kumonryu and other varieties. Prices for most koi are posted at each vat. His production of longfin koi, and doitsu and gin rin types is extraordinary.  Bring a cooler even if you don’t plan to buy koi as you will be tempted for sure!

The results of our survey on having a grow out were mixed. So far about five would be interested. It is suggested that once everyone has a chance to  see what is available, then those that are interested may indicate which type and size they prefer and we can plan accordingly.


Place: 2101 SW 87th Place Ocala 34476. Time: 2PM Sunday, November 10th

Exit SR 200 and go left at the light. Proceed down 200 to 27th Ave. Maybe 2 miles and take a right. Head south and you will be going out of Ocala. 3-4 miles to a flashing light at hwy 312(SW 87th Place). Take a left on 312 and we are about 1/2 mile on the left. Double gate with rock columns. 

October Meeting

Our October meeting was Sunday, October 13 at the home of Kathy and Nate Glazer in Gainesville. The topic for discussion was “What Do Judges Look For When Judging Show Koi.” The topic generated a lot of interest and discussion. The meeting closed following an open forum to answer questions and provide possible solutions to pond problems

September Club Meeting

Thanks to Susan and Fred Chelf, our hosts for the September meeting on Sunday the 8th. The topic of discussion will be “Selecting and Purchasing Koi for the Pond.” As many of you know hobbyists are faced with more complicated decisions in view of the re-emergence of Koi Herpes Virus. How does one minimize the risk of introducing new koi to the pond? What are the sources for reliable information?

There will be important business to discuss following the loss of our club founder. We hope everyone will come out for this meeting.

More information will be sent out this week about the meeting. Check back here too for updates.

Our June Meeting

Rain did not stop Dori and David Pereyra from hosting the Pondhoppers at their pond and home in Morriston. Despite the rain we had a good turn out. Our thanks to Dori and Dave.

Ed Kellar opened the meeting for officer nominations. Joe was voted in as the new president and David Locasio will work with Don in the Treasurer office. Thanks to Shirley Stone for staying on as our VP and to Ed for maintaining the club library. It was announced that the Hardcastles have left the koi and pond hobby. They will be missed as well as their contributions to the club and to the hobbies of koi and goldfish keeping.

The meeting topic for discussion centered around pond keeping during the warmer months here in our area. Thanks to all for your questions and tips for a successful summer pondwise.

Our next meeting will be in September. Details about the meeting will be sent out to members and posted here on the website and on our FB page. Guests and prospective members are welcome to attend. Please send a note to Joe if you would like to be placed on our mailing list.

Please note our new website address is: www.pondhopperskoi.club

CFKS 2019 Show Report

Congratulations to Shirley Stone, Vickie Leonard and Steve Schade, and Sherri and Joe White for their winning koi at the 2019 Central Florida Koi Show. Vickie and Steve also placed with a Ryukin Short Tail in the Goldfish Show.

Official Winners Report - Koi Show Click Here

If you would like to host a meeting or interested in please contact Joe at email: jwkoi@aol.com.

Happy Pondering to All!

The Gainesville Koi Club is one of the original sponsoring clubs of the Central Florida Koi Show held each year in Orlando. Please note that CFKS 2020 will be held again in March. The show returns to the newly renovated Avanti Palms Resort, 6515 International Dr. Rooms must be booked by early February. Phone: 866-994-3157

For more information about the show including the Koi and Goldfish shows, Vendor Fair, and Seminars see www.cfks.org

Photo is from our visit to the botanial gardens in Williston.

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Our Web Site for the Gainesville Koi Club is www.pondhopperskoi.club.

Visit our koi show website 



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